Vcee Russian Girl Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Russian Girl Blue
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Ÿ Shown on dark/brown eyes;

Ÿ Natural and neutral without sacrificing makeup and beauty;

Ÿ Rich coloration and high opaque ensure effective concealment of dark eyes;

Ÿ Nonprescription (normal vision or 20/20);


Power Range:0.00

Water Content: 42.5%;

Thickness: 0.08mm;

Base Curve: 8.60mm;

Lens Diameter: 14.00mm;

Coloring Diameter: 15.00mm;

Breathability Index: 11.0DK

Duration: Yearly;

Material: Polymacon+NVP;

Package Capacity: 1 pair (2 lenses)+lenscase(Mirror+Applicator+Tweezers);


  • 5
    Im in love.

    Posted by Natalia on 3rd Dec 2020

    They show really well on dark eyes like you wouldn¡¯t believe they are comfortable and everything

  • 5

    Posted by kAWA on 3rd Dec 2020

    Very comfortable, and looks natural

  • 5

    Posted by Carla on 30th Nov 2020

    Surprised me a lot. The prescription works great as well and its comfortable!

  • 5
    I love these contacts!!

    Posted by Jessica on 29th Nov 2020

    It Took a while but finally they arrived and I love them!
    They are super soft and you won¡¯t even feel them.

  • 5
    loved the color

    Posted by Delilah on 29th Nov 2020

    wow son hermosos me encantan siempre los compro con mi graduacion y me van perfectas no me molestan en ningun momento del dia las amo realmente! estas son mis bonitas queen grey! perfectas para cosplayers

  • 5
    Great color

    Posted by Wren on 29th Nov 2020

    Love the color of my eyes

  • 5
    pretty cool

    Posted by Lucija on 29th Nov 2020

    I really love it.So PERFECT!! ??

  • 5
    love them

    Posted by Jessie on 29th Nov 2020

    I LOVE these contacts! The color is so beautiful and covers brown eyes completely. Prescription perfect too.

  • 5
    I loved these so much.

    Posted by Luiza on 29th Nov 2020

    It looks real! People who see me for the first time do not believe it's lenses