Vcee Mixed Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Mixed Blue
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The blue pigment on it precisely gives a different sense of mixed blood, a blue blood!

With rich pigment, blended coloration cover any eyes well and blend with the interior of iris without blocking eyes’ vision. The simple, elegant design makes these Mixed Blue colored eye contacts look much realistic with any skin tone or eye color.

With thin and soft lens material, it is hygienic, ensuring your comfortable wearing.


Ÿ A sense of mixed blood eyes;

Ÿ Rich pigment, blended coloration;

Ÿ Natural without sacrificing makeup and beauty;

Ÿ Zero limbal ring, namely no harsh borders, makes realistically-sized iris;

Ÿ Nonprescription (normal vision or 20/20) available currently;


It is the zero limbal ring that makes itself perfectly hidden in the eyes but enriches the expression of eyes!

Equivalent to Vcee Ice Blue Colored Contact Lenses and Vcee Pro Blue Colored Contact Lenses!


Power Range: -0.00;

Water Content: 40%;

Thickness: 0.08mm;

Base Curve: 8.50mm;

Lens Diameter: 14.20mm;

Coloring Diameter: 15.00mm;

Breathability Index: 11.0DK

Duration: Yearly;

Material: Polymacon+NVP;

Package Capacity: 1 pair (2 lenses)+lenscase(Mirror+Applicator+Tweezers);


  • 5
    The most beautiful lenses that I have so far!

    Posted by Cynthia on 20th Sep 2018

    I love these lenses they are very beautiful. They look so natural and blends in well with my brown eyes. They don't look scary without makeup and they are so soft and comfortable. When I first wore these lenses, they melt right onto my eyes and feels as if I am not wearing any lenses at all. These are now my favorite lenses and I will buy from this company again.

  • 4
    very comfortable and pretty

    Posted by Isabel on 14th Sep 2018

    They are really comfortable and look very nice. My eyes are too dark for the colour to pop through but you can still see the blue. That was my fault though; the colour is still visible but not as much as I'd like it to be. While I wore them, I noticed a different blue halo compared to wearing my normal contacts. Really lightweight and flexible material. I am very satsified and enjoyed wearing them. Shipping was more than quick.

  • 5
    The blue halo is amazing on eyes!

    Posted by Dehbi s. on 8th Sep 2018

    These lenses are so super comfortable and I love how natural they look. They blend so well with my green eyes and also the color is good. And the enlargement is noticeable but definitely not too big. I personally like lenses from smaller diameter and these are just perfect size. Overall I love these lenses. I will order these again!

  • 5
    Unexpected surprise!

    Posted by Alice on 2nd Sep 2018

    I was given these contacts instead of my original order as they ran our of stock. The contacts are surprisingly comfortable. What also took me by surprise is how the colour pops, even with my dark brown eyes. I wouldn't mind trying my original selection, but these will do just fine for my Book Week costume.