Vcee Ice Grey Colored Contact Lenses

Ice Grey
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As natural as you can imagine, the Ice Grey colored eye contacts mostly are colorated by greenish and grey. They could cover dark brown eyes and make up a natural looking!

With rich pigment, blended coloration cover any eyes well and blend with the interior of iris without blocking eyes’ vision. The simple, elegant design makes these Ice Grey colored lenses look much realistic with any skin tone or eye color.

With thin and soft lens material, it is hygienic, ensuring your comfortable wearing.


Ÿ Shown on dark/brown eyes;

Ÿ Rich pigment, blended coloration;

Ÿ Natural without sacrificing makeup and beauty;

Ÿ Zero limbal ring, namely no harsh borders, makes realistically-sized iris;

Ÿ Nonprescription (normal vision or 20/20) available currently;


It is the zero limbal ring that makes itself perfectly hidden in the eyes but enriches the expression of eyes!

Equivalent to Vcee Acme White-gray Colored Contact Lenses and Vcee Elizabeth Grey Colored Contact Lenses!


Power Range: -0.00 ~ -5.00;

Water Content: 40%;

Thickness: 0.08mm;

Base Curve: 8.50mm;

Lens Diameter: 14.20mm;

Coloring Diameter: 15.00mm;

Breathability Index: 11.0DK

Duration: Yearly;

Material: Polymacon+NVP;

Package Capacity: 1 pair (2 lenses)+lenscase(Mirror+Applicator+Tweezers);


  • 3

    Posted by Angelica on 22nd Oct 2020

    Be careful when ordering these if you have an astigmatism. The contacts I ordered don't sit perfectly over my pupil and it cuts off some of my vision in both eyes. Super blurry and a little uncomfortable, but they're beautiful and covers the darkness of my eyes very well. I only ordered these for a Halloween costume but I wanted to give a heads up to anyone with an astigmatism that are ordering these for every day use.

  • 5
    I¡¯m in love.

    Posted by Jessica on 19th Oct 2019

    I use them for a full year before even feeling the need to replace them. Everybody thinks they¡¯re real. I¡¯m in love.

  • 5
    This is the most natural looking lenses

    Posted by Luiza on 19th Oct 2019

    This is the most natural looking lenses I have ever seen, and they're so comfortable, I love it so much!

  • 5
    This ice gray is so gorg!

    Posted by Harrah on 19th Oct 2019

    This ice gray is so gorg! I love the color so much, it looks natural. i have a very dark eye color coz i¡¯m asian but this one suits me perfectly well.

  • 5
    Surprised me a lot.

    Posted by GABRIELLA on 19th Oct 2019

    Surprised me a lot. The prescription works great as well and its comfortable!

  • 5
    Really love these lenses!

    Posted by Laura on 19th Oct 2019

    Really love these lenses!They really look natural. My real color is light brown around the pupil and hazel for the rest of the eye. I had to get used to wearing them at the beginning (never wore contacts before), but now they feel really confortable.

  • 5
    I LOVE these contacts!!

    Posted by Elena on 19th Oct 2019

    I LOVE these contacts! The color is so beautiful and covers brown eyes completely. Prescription perfect too.

  • 5
    LOVE IT!

    Posted by Nataly on 13th Oct 2019

    LOVE IT! These contacts look SUPER natural and they're pretty comfortable to wear also!

  • 5
    It looks real!

    Posted by Rina on 6th Oct 2019

    It looks real! People who see me for the first time do not believe it's lenses