Vcee Highlight Brown Colored Contact Lenses

Highlight Brown
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This style is specially designed to highlight people’s brown eyes without changing the color!

With zero limbal ring around, they also go perfectly with your flirtatious eyelashes, jet-black eyeliner and pearlescent eyeshadow. These creamy beige/taupe lenses are featured by pure coloration, which is unique from other contact lenses.

With thin and soft lens material, it is hygienic, ensuring your comfortable wearing.


Ÿ Natural without sacrificing makeup and beauty;

Ÿ Highlight brown eyes even on the same color by 30-40% degree;

Ÿ Zero limbal ring, namely no harsh borders, makes realistically-sized iris;

Ÿ Available in both nonprescription (normal vision or 20/20) and myopia prescription;


It is the zero limbal ring that makes itself perfectly hidden in the eyes but enriches the expression of eyes!

Equivalent to Vcee Glossy Brown Colored Contact Lenses and Vcee Vivi Brown Colored Contact Lenses!


Power Range: -0.00 ~ -5.00;

Water Content: 40%;

Thickness: 0.08mm;

Base Curve: 8.50mm;

Lens Diameter: 14.20mm;

Coloring Diameter: 15.00mm;

Breathability Index: 11.0DK

Duration: Yearly;

Material: Polymacon+NVP;

Package Capacity: 1 pair (2 lenses)+lenscase(Mirror+Applicator+Tweezers);


  • 3
    Average lenses

    Posted by Maryam on 16th Jul 2020

    I got the lenses 2 days ago. The color is great and actually shows up on my black iris. However, the lens is too big, for afar it isn’t obvious but when close up you will definitely notice I’m wearing contact lenses

  • 5
    Very natural and subtle!!

    Posted by Sabrina R Ibarra on 3rd Jan 2019

    No one is able to tell I’m wearing contacts! I have dark brown eyes and these lightly enhance them. I use to purchase these exact lenses off a different website but they changed their batch and now their new batches look very unnatural, however, I am very happy to have found these again because of how natural they look & comfortable they feel.

  • 5
    Totally worthy on price and quality! Same effects with offordable price!

    Posted by Chrystal N. on 12th Sep 2018

    I love them. they're totally worth the money and i love that they are pigmented and natural looking. will definitely be buying more colours from you guys. totally comfortable as well xx

  • 4
    I got my right color! NICE!!!

    Posted by Rachael B. on 6th Sep 2018

    These contact lenses are a must! They look real if you get the right colours to match your skin. They do get dry and uncomfortable if you wear them for a long period of time 3hrs + but besides that, they look absolutely amazing on

  • 5
    Very satisfied!

    Posted by Danielle M. on 2nd Sep 2018

    This is my first time ordering contacts online and I can honestly say I've had a great experience. I live all the way in the US and I got my order within a week! Very happy with my purchase as well!

  • 5
    I will definitely be buying more.

    Posted by Peter T. on 27th Aug 2018

    I always get compliments with these contacts. I love them. They look so natural and doesn't even feel like I have them in. I will definitely be buying more. :)

  • 4
    Fast shipping definitely worth every penny LOVE Vceebeauty LENSES!!

    Posted by Amy Nus J. on 20th Aug 2018

    Completely IN LOVE!! omg these contacts are the BEST I have dark brown eyes and I was so suprised to find contacts that would actually catch attention sooo perfect! Fast shipping definitely worth every penny LOVE Vceebeauty LENSES!!????

  • 5
    Best Tax deductible thing I've purchased!

    Posted by Jennifer C. on 16th Aug 2018

    Best Tax deductible thing I've purchased! They last a year as well, I've worn cosmetic lenses before and by far these lenses have been the most comfortable ones to wear for long periods of time

  • 5
    Defiantly the best ones without a doubt!

    Posted by Laurie H. on 10th Aug 2018

    Love these contacts, defiantly has got to be my favourite out of the last three lenses I¡¯ve bought. I assumed that the highlight brown, would be just as similar to the Acme Brown, although they are a bit the same, these have got to be the best yet natural contacts that defiantly stand out the most and can wear them wherever I go and still catch the glimpse of my own eyes as I reminisce on how amazing my own self look! defiantly the best ones without a doubt! THANK YOU Vceebeauty ??????