Vcee Acme White-gray Colored Contact Lenses

Acme White-gray
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The coloration of Vcee Acme White-gray Colored Lenses is totally smooth, non-pixelated and has intricate spokes to blend with the interior of your iris without blocking your pupil (giving you tunnel vision)! They will go perfectly with your flirtatious eyelashes, jet-black eyeliner and pearlescent eyeshadow. 

These white-gray eye contacts, in fact, effectively cover any underlying eye color - ranging from the darkest to the lightest shades. They deliver the most natural looking grey eyes you've ever seen!

With thin and soft lens material, it is hygienic, ensuring your comfortable wearing.

Ÿ Shown on dark/brown eyes;

Ÿ Natural without sacrificing makeup and beauty;

Ÿ Gray eyes look stunning with copper brown eyeshadow and long lashes;

Ÿ Zero limbal ring, namely no harsh borders, makes realistically-sized iris;

Ÿ Available in both nonprescription (normal vision or 20/20) and myopia prescription;


The best color for all-ranged eye colors and complexion will quickly become your holy grail accessory! With these colored prescription contacts, functional beauty is just a blink away!

Equivalent(by color) to Vcee Vivi Gray Colored Contact Lenses and Vcee Pro Grey Colored Contact Lenses!


Power Range: -0.00 ~ -5.00;

Water Content: 40%;

Thickness: 0.08mm;

Base Curve: 8.50mm;

Lens Diameter: 14.20mm;

Coloring Diameter: 15.00mm;

Breathability Index: 11.0DK

Duration: Yearly;

Material: Polymacon+NVP;

Package Capacity: 1 pair (2 lenses)+lenscase(Mirror+Applicator+Tweezers);


  • 3

    Posted by Nat L. on 5th Mar 2019

    These lenses are very comfortable. My eyes don¡¯t feel dry until around 6hrs with these lenses in. Surprisingly, these yearlies actually feel more comfy than my dailies. These lenses make me look extra pretty! No need to wear eyeshadow make up as they look natural ^_^

    The shipping was fast and they packaged the lenses really cute!! Already ordered & received another pair of lenses in grey but that one I haven¡¯t tried on yet. Definitely coming back for more!

  • 4
    Very pretty and fits well with all skin tone!

    Posted by Amy C. on 25th Feb 2019

    I just received my first ever contacts. As soon as I put them on they looked stunning and the grey really stands out and totally cover my eye color even if my eye color is dark brown. I ordered blue contacts as well. I will order again for sure.

  • 4

    Posted by Rachel F. on 16th Feb 2019

    Very comfortable! Love them!!! Very noticeable in my dark brown eyes! Can¡¯t wait to get more!!

  • 5
    They are your best choices for natural views!

    Posted by Rosa L. on 10th Feb 2019

    i have natural brown eyes and i dont usually wear contact lenses coz i dont feel Comfy when i wear one but been thinking to get the Acme White-grey for a long time! Now then this one came n liked the idea of a¡®bit less ghosty than other lenses i've come across since i like Natural looking lenses. I'm so glad i purchased them. In all, honesty the quality amazed me and the colour is amazing. Guys dont hesitate to get this brand or colour if you are after a nice honey looking eye colour n on top of all the case is so cute. Thanks guys for the fast shipment!

  • 5
    It was fantastic!

    Posted by Mina on 2nd Feb 2019

    I was very pleased with how quickly the contacts came and I was even more glad to be able to get updates so I could expect when they would come. The packaging was beautiful and the instructions were very clear. The contacts themselves felt a little strange at first but I quickly got used to them. The prescription was perfect. My only thing is that they were a little dry but it could be that it's allergy season right now.

  • 4

    Posted by Grace K. on 24th Jan 2019

    Amazing lenses! Its really comfortable to wear and you wont feel like you are wearing anything its just so lightweight! The lenses looks really natural people wont be able to tell as my eyes are naturally black but when i put on these lenses I have people coming up to me and ask if those were my real color! Its really worth it! The colour is great tooo! LOVE IT!! Will definietly purchase again in the future

  • 5
    Great! This is for me!!!

    Posted by Lara K. on 17th Jan 2019

    I really love thoses lenses! They¡®re amazing. Those were my first lenses ever and they are not going to be my last. I have brown eyes and on my eyes they look much bright grey, but I totaly love the colour. They are also really comfortable. They came with a box and tools which made it really easy to put them in and out. It is really worth the money. I recommend those lenses to you all!

  • 5
    They pack the lenses so well!

    Posted by Joana S. on 11th Jan 2019

    I LOVE IT! IT'S SO PERFECTT! I always find these grey lenses are light, which are what I always want! I am so glad you guys came out with this shade!! I cant wait to try the other colors!! Thank you! And cute packaging!

  • 3
    One happy experience of shopping!

    Posted by Kevin W. on 3rd Jan 2019

    Awsome product and great customer service! Im very pleased with my contacts. I'll definitely be buying more!!!