3rd Jun 2021

Summer lens recommendation!

Sunny summer is here, we will also have more opportunities to go out or have a trip !

Perfect makeup and beautiful lens will make you more dazzling

Our lenses are made of NVP material, which reduces protein deposits, does not irritate the eyes, and is more breathable and comfortable :)

The following are some of our recommended lenses suitable for travel! Is there anything you like?

1. Acme blue grey

The most popular lens on the site! Natural blue-gray, can cover perfectly with your eyes, very natural.

2. Aurora green

The most popular green color contact lenses! Natural green, not exaggerated, can effectively cover the original color of the eyes, the most important thing is comfort!

3. Devil purple

Okay, this one is a bit unexpected :) But indeed many people are looking for a purple lens that can cover the eye color very well. This is one of the few purple lenses that can perfectly cover any color. If you like purple, you can try it!