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How To Wear Contact Lenses In A Right Way

How To Wear Contact Lenses Correctly

Colored Contact Lenses are really amazing and kind of magic and transparent lenses! They are easy to take and apply to correct your vision; they are cute and soft to contact pupils directly; they are smooth and curved to avoid cornea abrasion...

Most importantly, lenses could be colorated to make colorful views. Thus, Colored Contact Lenses have rapidly developed into people’s daily life and soon become their lifestyle. With the pattern and pigment on lenses, they bring people many colors of the days! Like “ Ice” series colored eye contacts, they cover eyes well with full blends as the eyes color is totally changed. People have different and natural looks!

As the rapid influence of colored contacts on people’s life, wearing colored lenses correctly plays an important role in people’s eyes health! Hardly come bad results immediately, but latently as time goes by and then they (bad results) grow strong enough to cause harm! Then it is always too late! Therefore, a correct way of wearing lenses is a must!

Here, VceeBeauty team would like to share the whole process from starting using lenses to picking off them from eyes!

Step 1. Soak lenses for at least 24 hours in fresh solution before using;

You guys may know that the water inside the container is normal saline, which is very irritated to eyes! So, it is strongly recommended to do this first! (Some people may still feel irritation after soaking, then a second soaking with fresh solution (no solution reuse) is necessary!)

Step 2. Wash your hands, clean the tweezers & applicator with clear water before wearing;

Germs from hands and little tools may adhere to the lens when contacting and finally do harm to eyes. What’s more, manicure your fingers to avoid broken lens by long fingernails as the lens is very thin and soft!

Step 3. Clean up the lenses with fresh solution again when use;

Put the lenses in your left palm. Pour some fresh solution until it cover lenses, then slightly rub the two sides with one finger to remove dirt and clean up normal saline!

Step 4. Wearing lenses;

Put the lenses up on your right index finger. Look straight! Lift the lids with two middle fingers and put the lenses on (Make sure that the shape of lens is bowl-like with smooth edge, which means the right side!) Finally, slowly blink your eyes and move eyeball UDLR to fit the eyeballs before undoing fingers!

Step 5. Pick off the lenses!

Wash your hands again. Lift the Lids with two middle fingers. Pick off the lens slightly with thumb and index finger (Again, very slightly and no fingernails). At last, put the lenses back into the round box with new solution in to keep!

The explanation of wearing lenses may be verbose, but there are still many babes not understanding the details of wearing contact lenses.

Lenses wearing is easy to do. We just need to emphasize some very small unnoticed but indispensable steps, which are the key for eyes health and comfort, and long use of colored eye contacts!

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