Posted by Vceebeauty on 4th Jul 2018

How To Wear A Wig

All Vcee Beauties! Have you got your hairstyle of today? Do you follow Vceebeauty?

It’s the right time! Today, we Vceebeauty will share you something about wigs wearing in the short class!

Wearing a wig is not that difficult! But still, many beauties cannot wearing wigs in a proper way, thus causing a discomfort and a bad mood at the beginning of a beautiful day! Oh! This is not what you want!

Therefore, something about “how-to” wearing a wig is the first task in the class! You will be definitely clear of every single detail and be a proficient wigs wearer!

Step 1. Pin your own hair first

Tools: Clips

For short hair, it can simply be combed and clipped to the top of the head, or placed into a bun behind your head;

For long hair, separate the hair into two pieces and then twist it. Cross the two pieces behind your head and pin them across the crown with clips.

※Alternative way: you can braid your hair to hold dishevelled hair together before applying a wig!

Step 2. “wrap” your hair with a wig cap or a hairnet

Tools: Wigs cap, Hairnet, Clips

If using a wig cap, it is very easy to apply, like a hat;

If using a hairnet, put the net around your neck (lock side (tight) down) first. Pull another side upright and cover all hair (keep the lock side on the hairline). Finally, fix “wrapped” hair with clips behind you head;

Both the wig cap and hairnet can ensure a smooth fit!


Step 3. Put on the wig

※For short wigs, front to back;

※For long wigs, back to front;

Before wearing, you can comb the wigs first! Then put the wig on the “wrapped” head. Use the strainer back inside to adjust your own head circumference, and the two tabs on each side/front of the wig to adjust symmetry. Wigs could be fixed with both the restrainer and tabs as well.

The material inside the wigs is skin-friendly and air-permeable, and effectively protect the hair from shedding!

This is a VceeBeauty “how-to” passage on wearing a wig! Now, we believe that you can easily put on a wig to enjoy your beautiful day! Keep following and another “how to”passage will meet you here!