Posted by Vceebeauty on 13th Mar 2019

First Time Buyer

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Circle Lenses

Contact lenses / Circle lenses offer a good alternative to eyeglasses yet probably not everyone can be benefited from contact lenses /circle lenses wearing. The risk of wearing contact lenses / circle lenses cannot be totally aliminated. In addition, contact lenses /circle lenses come in different base curve and diameter. Vceebeauty strongly advises buyers to visit doctor / optician / optometristbefore making purchase.

1.Buyers are required to know their eye prescription before getting circle lenses. Please consult eye doctor or optician to do the eye check or examination.

2. Remember to soak the lenses in solutions not less than 6 hours before first time wearing.And use good quality care solution.

3. Though most of the circle lenses claimed to have 1 year life span after bottle opened by manufacturer, we recommend to dispose the lenses every 3-6 months for hygiene purpose unless buyers can take really good care of the lenses.

4.Sleeping, swimming, it is not recommended to wear.

5. Vceebeauty recommends buyers to change lens case once a month for hygiene purpose.